Accounting and Bookkeeping for Technology Startups

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Technology startups are creating innovative and disruptive products every day. Everyone on the team has their strengths, takes on different roles and does whatever it takes to make projects succeed.

While it’s exciting to be in a startup environment, it can be easy to lose sight of taking care of the mundane tasks of bookkeeping and accounting. But it is crucial to have good records to report to your investors, run your business effectively and take full advantage of tax and government grant benefits.

Our experienced team at WD Numeric can manage the organization of your financial information so you can avoid a lot of unnecessary work and cleanup down the road.

The Importance of Bookkeeping and Accounting

We take care of organizing all of your receipts, expense claims, sales, credit card statements and other relevant information about your businesses.

These are the benefits of outsourcing your financial record keeping:

  • We efficiently track all of your key information as your business grows
  • You can provide accurate financial data to your investors
  • We manage payroll that is compliant with changing legislation in the relevant provinces
  • Get an accurate budget

With organized financial information, technology startups can plan how to allocate their money appropriately and see what their future expenses may be.

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Part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Gone are the days where small and medium sized businesses had to have a full-time onsite chief financial officer. But a CFO is necessary for a technology startup to grow.

To save on costs and get the full benefits of a C-level pro, you can hire one of our part-time remote CFOs to be on your team. A CFO has the experience and expertise to manage cash flow, fundraise, monitor key performance indicators and oversee other financial aspects that affect your company.

The impact of having a part-time CFO is comparable to a full-time one because of their extensive experience. Your can experience financial growth and stability without investing into a full-time executive, especially at the early stages of your business. Location is no longer a restriction to working and building a relationship with a CFO.