Accounting and Bookkeeping for Design, Marketing and Event Planning Services

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Do you love finding receipts, making a budget and seeing if you paid your bills on time?

Our guess is no.

There’re a lot to track in the creative services business as you are helping your clients, especially in event planning. You’re on the road a lot, putting out fires and have an unpredictable schedule. It can be easy to hold off on administrative tasks like sending invoices and reimbursing people on time. This makes it hard to manage your budget accurately.

Good bookkeeping can make your break your design, marketing and event planning business.

It’s crucial to set up organized and efficient accounting systems from the beginning so you won’t have to clean up your books later on. You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary work.

Time-Saving Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Get your time back and let us take care of tracking all of your financial information in a timely manner so you can focus on providing the best service for your clients. We can tell you anytime whether you’re on budget and report to you on a regular basis so you don’t have to keep running your numbers.

Every business is different and we have customizable solutions. We can help you with:

  • Setting up and managing accounting systems
  • Creating and sending invoices to vendors
  • Managing the payment system
  • Reconciling payment accounts monthly
  • Collections
  • Tax preparation
Accountant working at her desk checking figures on an adding machine, toned retro effect.

We have the right software to track all your financial information so you don’t have to compare all of the different accounting tools.

Whenever you get your receipts and expenses, simply send it to us and we will document them for you in an organized way. You won’t have to waste time spending hours scanning and entering amounts around your busy schedule. Do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best.


You can focus on your creative skills for your clients while we take care of the financial management of your business. Connect with us if you have any questions and we look forward to helping you.