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We can provide you with your own personal part-time accountant to produce meaningful financial statements. A controller is a financial expert who helps keep your books up to date and provides timely financial information for management.

Whether your company is growing, wants to improve your existing financial team or looking for support for your chief financial officer (CFO), you can simply use our outsourced controllership services.

Our controller will meet with you to discuss your statements and be by your side. They can help you with a variety of important tasks including budgeting and cash flow. You will be able to make better strategic decisions with accurate information.

A financial controller’s main responsibilities include:

  • Accounting
  • Record-keeping
  • Managing information technologies
  • Financial and regulatory compliance
  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable/accounts receivable
  • Cash balances
  • Financial report preparation
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Benefits of Outsourced Controllership Services

An outsourced controller’s responsibilities depend on the project and their role is flexible to support the work your company needs. There are a variety of benefits to outsourcing controllership services including:

Lower costs:

Organizations can get an experienced controller at a lower cost than an in-house controller with similar experience. You only pay for the work you need.

Faster hiring process

Our controller has already been vetted so you don’t have to waste time posting on job boards, filtering through resumes or having multiple interviews.

Improve an existing financial team

Your company may have a financial team in place but your records could get confusing during a time of growth or transition. Your controller can help clean up your books so your team can better manage them going forward.

Support an outsourced chief financial officer

A controller can support a CFO in various ways such as helping put financial systems in place or training employees in more efficient accounting practices. This way the CFO can focus on higher level strategies and recommendations for your company.


There are many situations when companies would benefit from using outsourced controllership services. Contact us if you have any questions and we can discuss if your own personal controller is best for your company.