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If you are part of a high net worth family or a business that wants to save on hiring, training, and infrastructure costs, then connect with us. Get your valuable time back so you can focus on running and streamlining your business by using our seasoned team of Chartered Accountants.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We provide a range of services so you can make important business decisions based on accurate and reliable financial information.

While bookkeeping is a tedious ongoing task, effective bookkeeping is the key to operating a healthy business. We can take the work off your hands and prepare accurate financial statements on the overall state of your business.

We can customize a specific system to ensure that your employees are paid on time and accurately in a cost-effective way. Even though government legislations and multi-provincial payrolls are constantly changing, we have the right tools to stay on top of these updates so you don’t have to worry about it.

We can maintain your general ledger and subsidiary schedules as part of ongoing monthly bookkeeping. We can also prepare your monthly financial and business compliance tax reports.

If you have a growing company, we can provide you with a part-time accountant to produce meaningful financial statements and assist with other tasks including budgeting and cash flow.

We have a variety of custom services for companies and high net worth families who need specific information. This includes job software conversion, inventory and write ups.

Our high quality accounting and bookkeeping services allow you to:


Increase profitability by lowering your operating costs and reducing overhead.


Rely on our breadth of multi-Industry financial experts.


Get peace of mind by eliminating in-house irregularities through the accurate and efficient management of your books.


Get updated financial information at your fingertips with quick turnaround time.


Receive advice on best practices and financial efficiencies you can action on.


Security of Information

We understand the importance of maintaining complete confidentiality and security of your information. We have strict security measures that surpass the standards of many organizations.

These are some of the security measures we take:

  • No client data or e-mails are ever left on any desktop or laptop computer
  • Our office has several distinct security zones that prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to sensitive data
  • All data is encrypted and backed-up nightly through a secure connection to an off-site, further-encrypted server
  • Each client has a separate, secure filing area for the temporary storage of their paper materials
  • All printed materials are boxed and returned to clients on an annual basis
  • Documents are held at our office or yours

100% Toronto based Company with Customized Solutions

If you’re looking at different accounting firms, Toronto has no shortage of them. What sets us apart is we have been an established corporate services company since 2003.

Our high standard of work has contributed to the success of our clients who have made informed business decisions with precise monthly, quarterly and year-end financial information. We have helped corporations of all sizes.

Our effectiveness is the result of our culture of trust, teamwork and high quality standards.

We are an all-Canadian company that does not outsource at all to other countries. You can be assured that your sensitive financial information stays in Canada and is managed by our experienced Chartered Accountants.

Client Testimonials

“As a real estate broker with hundreds of transactions each year, we need a bulletproof bookkeeping/controllership function that can handle the ins and outs of our growing business. The customized system that WD Numeric implemented for us delivers exactly what we need. It handles both our salary and commission-based payroll, and we are very satisfied with the ongoing professionalism and dedication of their staff.

Andrew Baker (Founding Partner, Lennard Commercial) Realty

Toronto Know How Inc. has utilized the accounting services of WD Numeric for years. Everything is done in a prompt and professional manner. We have always been extremely happy with the level of service and their attention to detail.

Carol Conlin (President, Toronto Know How Inc.)


Take your business to the next level. Contact us if you have questions or want to use our bookkeeping and accounting services.